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Code Development Committee

Recommends policy and provides strategic direction for the chapter’s involvement in the code development process. Members shall be required to represent the chapter at ICC Code Change Proposal Hearings and provide testimony regarding the chapter’s consensus opinions on developments in the code industry.

Image by Scott Blake

Management Committee

Recommends chapter policy and tasks necessary to further the goals of the organization. Members of this committee shall coordinate with chapter officers to ensure that the chapter is in compliance with the ICC Chapter Rules and Regulations.  The committee shall perform all necessary audits to achieve this purpose.

Architect at Construction Site

Training & Education Committee

Recommends policy and provides strategic direction for all external education, training, and certification programs. This committee is charged with determining the direction of the chapter’s educational program and ensuring compliance with the ICC Preferred Provider Program. The Committee shall also be responsible for coordination of chapter involvement in Building Safety Month and all other efforts to educate the public about the strategic role of code officials in the construction industry.


Image by Max Böttinger

Membership Committee

Recommends policy and strategic direction for membership recruitment, membership retention, and membership services on a global scale. The committee advises on the association’s overall menu of products and services.

Building a House

Scholarship Committee

Recommends the creation and award of chapter scholarships for deserving individuals within the code community. Coordinates scholarship fundraising events and public relations campaigns to promote the chapter’s scholarship program within the organization and to area school systems.

Construction work planning

Social Media Committee

Enhance the social media communication presence of the Chapter.

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